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Hi! I'm Lummee! And I am your best friend!

Hi! My name is Lummee.
I am an interactive playtime companion during the day and a comforting, portable and colorful light in the night. I can help you fall asleep, and I let you know when it's time to wake up. You can take me anywhere you go, and during the day I like to play with you.

Discover me now   
I can help you sleep...
Lummee Pink
Help you sleep
Lummee Blue
Waking up
and wake     you up...   
You can take me with you wherever you go...
I go totally wacko when you backflip me
I can scare monsters away...
I am a comforting light in the dark
I can play all your favourite music
I am strong and stable
I can play all your favourite music
Meet the Lummee Family
What makes me tick
What makes Lummee tick, movements, examples, possibilities
Physical specs

Weight: approx. 350 gr
Dimensions: 20cm (height) x16cm(width)
Colors: Pink, blue, green

Integrated Bluetooth speaker
Wake-up timer
RGB color lamp
Battery operated

Sleep timer
Different set of emotions
Different set of emotions

Why Lummee is your new best friend

•  You can set the wake-up time by yourself
•  Lummee is made of soft, safe and child-friendly materials
•  You can choose your favorite Lummee-color: blue, pink or green
•  The start and pause buttons make it easy to use the different functions
•  Lummee is the solution if your child is afraid of dark spaces
•  Recharging Lummee is easy